NKY Institute for Strategic Prevention

Kristen Haddad
Lead Epidemiologist

859-442-8600 ext. 35


Funded by the Partnerships for Success Grant through SAMHSA, the Northern Kentucky Institute for Strategic Prevention (NKISP) provides the first regional infrastructure support for substance abuse prevention across our 20 school districts. Our mission is to promote mental health and prevent substance misuse through partnerships and education in NKY schools and communities.

Current services for prevention and intervention include:

  • e-cigarette, alcohol, and drug prevention presentations for staff and youth
  • curriculum training and materials
  • alternative suspension options
  • KIP and other data support, including planning, analysis, and action steps
  • mental health and trauma-informed supports
  • dissemination of evidence-based resources and information
  • supports for drug prevention events (e.g., Red Ribbon Week)

We accept a wide variety of requests. Let us know what is going on in your school and we will help you find an appropriate strategy.

For more information or to submit a request, email Kristen Haddad and follow us on twitter Twitter!

Want to know more about e-cigarettes and other substances, or how to help your child quit?