WCPO Article Features RISE Symposium




“Meanwhile, work continues for RISE, Cincinnati’s latest EdTech summit, taking place on Aug. 4 at Northern Kentucky University. Helbig hopes RISE will help establish an ongoing EdTech Research Center at Northern Kentucky University as well as new partnerships with tech companies currently outside the education community. 
When it comes to these EdTech challenges, Greater Cincinnati’s EdTech ecosystem shares much in common with other markets around the challenges of funding, digital conversion and the best use of big data.
However, Helbig is convinced that Cincinnati’s growing EdTech community makes our market unique. And what makes us unique can also make our EdTech community strong, vibrant and an industry leader. 
“I believe that Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati are well positioned to be the center of education technology in the world,” Helbig said. “Couple our education institutions and demographics with the culture of innovation that has been built up on both sides of the river, UpTech, The Brandery, Cintrifuse. The region has been voted one of the top 15 places to start a new business and the accelerators are in the top 30 with the FounderCon startup conference being hosted here last year. Our big corporations and investors are actively participating in the startup scene and investing in the ecosystem — including EdTech — thanks to organizations like Cintrifuse and the Kentucky Innovation Network.””