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Scorpion Center

The “Scorpion Center” is intended to serve as a student and family support and resource center for the students of Regional School Programs and their families. Our goal is to provide various services, resources, and basic needs to our students and families to help eliminate outside barriers to their education and allow them to reach their maximum potential.


Clothing: We want to have an extensive variety of sizes, styles, and options that allow our students to have access to clothing, shoes, etc. as needed to ensure their basic needs (warmth, protection, etc.) are taken care of. We also plan to offer the clothing for students who need it throughout the day due to various reasons.

Food: The Scorpion Center will ensure that there is a food bank and resources for our students and families to ensure that their basic nutritional needs can be met, even when school is not in session. We will also begin a backpack program to serve students and families on the weekends and over extended periods of time away from school.

School Supplies: To eliminate the barrier of not being prepared, the Scorpion Center will stock an extensive supply of basic school supplies (paper, pencils, erasers, etc) that students and their families will have access to.

Personal Care Items: The Scorpion Center will have personal care and hygiene items available for students and families in order to ensure they have all personal hygiene and cleanliness needs met.

Laundry and Personal Care Facilities: The Scorpion Center will have a washer and dryer available for use as needed under the supervision of Scorpion Center and RSP staff, as well as personal care facilities including a shower for students as needed.

Outside Agency Resources: The Scorpion Center along with the counseling staff at RSP will work collaboratively to ensure that there is information on various outside agencies for counseling, family support, etc. for students and families to access. Every effort will be made to work with the agencies to create a relationship so that referrals or contacts are readily available for students and their families upon request.

College/Career Readiness Opportunities: The Scorpion Center along with the counseling staff at RSP will work collaboratively with local post-secondary education institutions, local vocational and technical programs, and local employment agencies and businesses to have resources on hand for high school students at RSP.