About Regional School Programs

The Regional School Programs (RSP) is a one-of-a-kind alternative program located in northern Kentucky. The school is a collaborative effort between eleven local school districts that have recognized a need for this type of educational setting as a way of maximizing student success. The unique part about Regional School Programs is that it is the only alternative school that is operated through a cooperative in Kentucky.

The Regional School Programs offers three programs within the school. The programs offered include The Phoenix Program, The Challenge Program, and The Northern Kentucky Learning Academy. Please click on any of the programs for a more in depth description of each program.


It is the vision of Regional School Programs that all students will leave with:

R: Resources for successful transitions in school, community, and society, etc.

S: Support for overcoming barriers and obstacles in learning and life.

P: Partnerships that enhance success in all areas, including: social, educational, vocational, and cultural.


Mission Statement:

The mission of Regional School Programs, through NKCES, as the only school of its kind in the state of KY; is to provide a variety of educational services to students with existent barriers to success in the traditional classroom and school settings.


We believe that:

~Every student will be successful, given appropriate opportunities.

~Collaboration and communication with all stakeholders is vital to the success of our students.

~Students are our primary customers.

~Every student is unique.

~Opportunities should be created for students to be successful beyond high school.

~All students can learn at high levels, but not all in the same way.

~Various avenues of support are essential to assist in student success to overcome existent barriers.


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