NKCES “Teacher Feature” for March is Ms. Drinkhouse from Grandview Elementary.

MARCH TEACHER FEATURE PICCongratulations to Ms. Drinkhouse.  In Katy Drinkhouse’s 4th grade classroom, student choice is valued. One way she has changed her practice is to incorporate student choice in writing. In the morning, the students are given twenty additional minutes of free writing time. During the entire twenty minutes, Ms. Drinkhouse is conferring with different students about their writing. Once the twenty minutes are complete, the students meet to reflect and share on how their time was spent. Students have rich discussion and receive feedback from their peers and teacher. Since starting this process, Ms. Drinkhouse has seen a huge increase in engagement across all opportunities to write. Doing an activity like this twenty minute independent writing block is only one example of how Ms. Drinkhouse promotes student choice in her classroom.