NKCES make the news!

DAYTON, Ky. — Dayton Independent Schools Superintendent Jay Brewer has about 1,000 students in his school district, but he feels responsible for the success of 60,000.

That’s the number of students that fall under Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services’ unique umbrella. Dayton is just one member of the regional co-op, which serves 17 school districts.

Its history spans 30 years, but the group is celebrating a new era with a renewed sense of purpose. The common goal: creating synergy in Northern Kentucky.

“By coming together, we’re improving education across the region for our kids,” said Brewer, president of the co-op’s board of directors. “No matter what school district you’re in, they are all ‘our kids.’”

Creating that level of collaboration among districts requires schools to share collective resources like never before, said Amy Razor, the co-op’s executive director. It also requires educators to connect and grow together.

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