Teacher Resources for ER & CR

High School Math –  Sample PISA Test Assessment Prompts

Student Self-Checklist for Responses to Mathematics Constructed Response Items about-and-student-self-checklist-mathematics

Link to KDE Released Sample K-PREP Items    –  sample ER/CR and MC items

The sample items are available in annotated form for students to analyze student work samples as well as the problems to pose for individual student work.


Link to ER/CR scoring Guides  as well as Math Reference Sheets from the KDE   – scroll down to find links to blank answer sheets for either math ER or CR’s

North Carolina End-of Grade Mathematics Tests Grades 3–8

Released Test Items (Common Core Standards) New York   scroll down to locate pdf file by grade level

Early Childhood Assessment in Mathematics Manual (New York) early-childhood-assessment-in-mathematics-manual-ecammanual_v15_web

Assessment Resources – Achieve the Core