Conceptual Building Blocks (CBB) for Middle School Mathematics:

Statistics Module (NEW)  (January 24th-24th 2018)

Algebraic Thinking Module

Ratio/Proportionality Module

Geometry Module

Statistical Thinking Module


The CBB modules were developed by math consultants from each regional cooperatives as part of a KDE initiative to support conceptual knowledge for middle school math teachers/SE/ICs.  Each module consists of analysis of the Common Core Standards from a vertical alignment perspective, professional learning on the 8 Mathematical Practices, and extensive in-depth learning experiences as participants participate in mathematical cooperative learning experiences while engaging in productive struggle.

Each module is designed to support any program currently being used in the math class.  These modules have integrated a variety of concrete activities to help teachers increase their classroom resources but more importantly their own conceptual knowledge.  The end result is an increase in student engagement and understanding. 

 Each module consists of  2 full day sessions or can be broken into 4 half day training sessions done within a school district PLC where teams of teachers actively participating in the activities not just reading about them.



geo diagonal dest (2)

CBB Geometry MS module- Michael Pearcy & Amanda Ishmael- creating quadrilaterals from diagonals








“Listening to other people’s thought process while working a problem helped me understand many ways a problem could be interpreted by my students.”

Geo Pyth

CBB Geometry MS Module- Casimer Granz, Bobby Roemer, Michael Pearcy- Discovering the Pythagorean Theorem



Quotes from CBB Geometry Middle School Module- What did you learn that was significant and useful?

“Engaging activities”

“How manipulatives affect learning.”

“Square root = side of the side of the square, area of square (fold paper in half) for triangle area”

“New activities like- What’s My Shape”

                          “Sorting Activities”

 “The Fuzzy Triangle- going to use this!! The minimal definition”

“I am getting a better understanding of vertical alignment from the 7th, 8th and so on…”

CBB Flyer 2015-16 Fall /Winter with PGES CONNECTIONS 

R P nanas chocolate milk

CBB- Ratio & Proportionality Middle School Math Module “Learning collaboratively at its bests!” “Loved the concrete activities that I can actually use with my students in the classroom.”



CBB Algebraic Thinking Middle School Math Modules- Bracken County and Newport HS-  Hands on Professional Learning

Geo diagonal dest

CBB Geometry MS module -Leah Jefferson- discovering properties of quadrilateral from diagonals


CBB Algebraic Thinking MS module- Connect with other Educators to Grow and Serve



live binder


Follow-up for the CBB – Ratio and Proportionality Module – Illustrative Math Task

CBB Middle School Educator Reviews…

Connect, Grow, and Serve: The Algebra connections PD is helping me do just that.  One week removed from the training, I have already implemented several of the ideas and activities that I gained from my time at the Educational Co-op.  Thank you some much for giving me specific tools which made an immediate impact on my classroom.     Dustin Hinson, Newport Middle School, Newport, KY


The CBB training gave me resources to fill my toolbox to support classroom teachers in implementing hands on and engaging lessons that facilitate the three stages of mathematical learning; concrete, representational, and abstract.    Sarah Kunnen, Instructional Coach, Bellevue High School, Bellevue, KY

The CRA approach opened possibilities for me as a special educator, to both understand the founding principles of the concepts the students are studying, as well as build activities which can enhance their understanding.  I find myself much more comfortable working with unfamiliar content thanks to this module.  Adam Wise, Newport High School Teacher (SE), Newport KY

My professional growth plan is just that ‘to grow’ having the opportunity to go and work with educators in different grades, in different buildings is beyond beneficial. Together We Achieve More. I have been able to stay in contact and share resources, discuss implementation of strategies and resources acquired at the training and in our tool boxes. These 6 days I found myself having several aha moments-I didn’t think of that, or wow, what an interesting concept. I feel that because of the training of am re-energized and can provide my students with an ‘out of the box’ idea. I found most beneficial-manipulatives (prove Pythagorean Theorem, prove angles in all triangles are 180, double number line activity), the hands on approaches, vocab strategies. The time provided to ‘get up and move/demonstrate’ allowed me a chance to see how my students will feel. Even though I have the benefit of knowing the content and they may not that feeling of nervousness is still there and I was able to hone in on that when planning in my own classroom. I also found myself conscious of ‘how’ I ask questions and making a mental note of questioning strategies for intentional teaching. Having a ‘partner’ with NKCES allowed me to gain more resources, learn and I feel I can apply what I have learned and teach things more effectively nowJennifer Fischer, Tichenor Middle School, Erlanger-Elsmere, KY

The CBB training was an amazing experience.  I only attended the Geometry, but learning the hands on approach for Geometry has given me more tools for my tool bag when working with my Special Needs Students.  My students loved the lesson with the dilation.  They were able to see why something dilates bigger or smaller depending on the perspective point you are dilating from.  Even pulling in art pictures and video clips to see where dilation has been used gave my students the background knowledge for needed to know the “Why do we need to learn this?’ feeling. Nicole Nussbaum Collaborative Teacher (SE) Tichenor Middle School 

The CBB modules gives you so many different ways to engage student of all abilities and ages. It truly was an eye opening experiences.       Michael Pearcy Williamstown Junior High School

The CBB trainings were extremely beneficial in helping to clear up my own understanding of the math that I have been teaching.  Through increasing my knowledge of teaching conceptual understanding/teaching and providing ideas to for implementation in my classes, the trainings have helped me to transform my approach to instruction and remediation. Lindsey Stephens, Math Support Specialist. Walton-Verona Middle School