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Kimberly Snowball has earned her BA & Masters degree from Northern Kentucky University in Education with an endorsement in Middle School Mathematics. She has been a teacher of middle school students in mathematics for 13 years. Since 2001 Kimberly has been the PLC Lead, Team Leader, Building Better Brains Lead, Mathematics Consultant and is currently the Professional Learning Coach in the area of Mathematics K-12.

              “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” ~John Cotton Dan

Services include professional learning opportunities and coaching sessions for Regional Instructional Coaches, Regular Education Classroom Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Mathematics Interventionists. Additional services include in-depth book studies, Number Talks/CBB training sessions, effective questioning techniques, intervention and differentiation strategies, as well as assistance with the Common Core Standards, Mathematics Teaching Practices and the Eight Standards for Mathematical Practices.

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Do You See and Engage Your Hidden Figures?

By Matt Larson, NCTM President
March 21, 2017


“The movie reminds me that as teachers of mathematics, we need to constantly keep Francis Su’s admonition in mind with respect to our students: “There is no good reason to tell a student she doesn’t belong in math [your class] … you see a snapshot of her progress, but you don’t see her trajectory. You can’t know how she will grow and flourish in the future. But you can help get her there.” It is our job as teachers of mathematics to help each and every one of our students “get there.” As several mathematics education researchers, including Robert Berry III, Rochelle Gutiérrez, and Anna Sfard, have stated, as teachers we are all identity builders.

For me one of the ways we can honor the pioneering work and contributions of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and the entire West Computing Group is to not let the lessons of their life story fade from our consciousness. I encourage each of you to reflect on and discuss the following in your collaborative teams:

  • Do you see mathematical potential in all your students, no matter their race, gender, or socio-economic status?
  • Do you help build in each and every one of your students a positive mathematics identity and a high sense of agency?
  • Do you emphasize and honor creative problem solving in your classroom alongside procedural fluency and conceptual understanding?
  • Are you working to dismantle structural obstacles in your school or district that might be denying certain students access to upper-level mathematics courses? 

If we continually ask ourselves these questions and act on them, then we increase the likelihood we will find, encourage, and support the “hidden figures” in each of our classrooms.”



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