Carter Beck, a future Beechwood Tiger, a big citizen in Ft. Mitchell where he has ideas on safety

Carter Beck may just be 5-years-old, but he’s a big citizen in Ft. Mitchell where he has ideas on safety

By Vicki Prichard
NKyTribune reporter

Next fall, five-year-old Carter Beck will attend Beechwood Elementary, and when he does he wants to make sure that he and his classmates are walking along a safe road to school.

“I’m going to Beechwood next year, so I came up with an idea: Can we make a tunnel?” says Carter.

Carter’s parents, Acena and Aaron Beck, say that the subject of street safety became a topic of conversation in their home after a child was struck while crossing the street near Beechwood Elementary last fall. The child wasn’t hurt, but the accident alerted city officials and residents to examine traffic and safety along the road.








“Carter and Acena were discussing the Beechwood Elementary student that was hit by a car in late fall,” says Aaron Beck. “Acena was bringing his attention to the need to be cautious of cars and crossing streets. Carter thought the solution would be to put a tunnel under Beechwood Road, similar to the tunnel under Dixie Highway to Blessed Sacrament, to ensure the safety of students crossing the road to school. She told Carter he should tell the mayor his plan.”

Carter, who currently attends Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy, shared his idea with his neighbor, a Fort Mitchell City Councilman.

“A few weeks ago, Mike Stoeckle was walking his dog and stopped to talk to us,” says Acena Beck. “I told Carter Mike knew the mayor and he should tell Mike his plan so Mike could tell the Mayor. Mike said he would get Carter on the agenda to speak to Council.”

The thought of going in front of city council might seem daunting to some, but Carter was no stranger to civic engagement.

Beck says their family has always been involved in community, political, and civic engagements, and Carter has attended events since he was a baby. He thoughtfully presented his ideas for safe traffic solutions to the Fort Mitchell City Council.

“Carter charmed the City Council and all guests present with his presentation of his idea to make the intersection of Beechwood Road and the railroad safer, by having one go over or under the other,” says Carter’s neighbor and friend, Col Owens. “Amazingly, he answered the Mayor’s questions in a straightforward fashion, without hesitation. I’ve seen many presentations to policy-making bodies like the City Council, and Carter’s was as comprehensible as most of them, if not more so.”

Carter sat next to Fort Mitchell Mayor, Jude Hehman, as he gave his presentation.

“He owns the city,” says Carter.

Hehman was impressed with the civic-minded young man, and his effort to find solutions to a very real issue.

“It’s not very often we have someone that young and ambitious attend and approach council,” says Hehman. “To recognize that Carter sees that there’s an issue with safety and pedestrians along our city streets is a lesson that we can learn from. This is an area that is near and dear to the heart of Mary Burns who is a current City Council Member. I’ve been helping Mary by applying for grants to offset some costs in the area that Carter is identifying near the railroad tracks.”

Aaron Beck says his son also has a plan for other sections of Beechwood Road.

“Carter also has a plan for the train tracks to raise up on a bridge on Beechwood Road just past Grandview Drive to allow cars drive through the intersection.”

Carter says someday he’ll run for political office, but for now he’ll focus on helping his city council find solutions in the community, and he looks forward to campaigning for his friend, Owens, who is making a bid for the Kentucky House of Representatives 69th District seat.

“I’m going to walk for Col,” says Carter, who plans to go door-to-door and walk in summer parades on behalf of Owens.