NKCES hosts a Santa Workshop for Regional School Program Students

20151210_1621321.jpgStaff members of Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES) hosted a Santa’s Workshop where the 35 students of the Regional Schools Program could select gifts to give to their loved ones.




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The educators who staff the school joined with the staff of the regional educational cooperative to donate funds and buy gifts appropriate for adults and children, family members of the students. The staff members volunteered to decorate the workshop help the youth select appropriate items, and wrap them as gifts, complete with greeting cards for each recipient.  At the end of the “shopping’ experience, each student relaxed with hot cocoa and cookies to celebrate learning to give.




Principal Matt Compton of Regional School Program said, “The Santa Shop was beyond amazing, and the students absolutely loved everything about it. It meant so much to us that the NKCES staff was willing and able to partner with our program. We cannot thank you enough for the time, effort, and money that you put into this undertaking. Thank you again for making NKCES such a great place to work and learn.”


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NEWS RELEASE – Commissioner Names Program Review Task Force

Today, Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt named a task force to study Program Reviews and consider solutions to address challenges related to the Program Review process. ​

Those among the named to the Commissioner’s program are NKCES Executive Director, Amy Razor and Jay Brewer, Superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools.

See news release​ for more information.

NKCES Teachers for Visually Impaired take show on the road

NKCES VI team took four students with visual impairments to the Kentucky School for the Blind on

Friday, November 20th for a Braille and Low Vision Carnival.  It was a GREAT experience!

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Congratulations to Williamstown Jr. High School

IMG_1245Williamstown Jr. High School was in the spotlight for their implementation of the Conceptual Building Blocks (CBB) Middle School Training Module.

Two of their teachers, Ms. Terri Barton and Mr. Michael Pearcy were interviewed for the upcoming CBB commercial showcasing the impact this training has on teachers and students. Mr. Pearcy’s 6th grade class also took the spotlight in sharing how math class has changed from the teacher being the sole giver of the knowledge to the students learning from each other. The students also shared how they moved from learning ABOUT math to DOING math using the CRA (Concrete, Representational, Abstract) approach.

Learning collaboratively at its best – Check out the CBB Math Module Training

CBB- Ratio and Proportionality module training was held on November 10-11th at NKCES.

Quotes from the teachers attending the training…

R P nanas chocolate milk[1]”Being able to see and try to understand how other teachers think/teach certain areas of mathematics was cool.”

“Learning collaboratively at its best!”

“Listening to other people’s thought process while working a problem helped me understand many ways a problem could be interpreted by my students.”

“Loved the concrete activities that I can actually use with my students in the classroom.”

Look for more training opportunities by visiting our NKCES Training Calendar.

Build your skills around the practice of Instructional Rounds


Instructional Rounds introduces educational leaders to the key principles and practices of an effective, classroom-oriented approach to observing, analyzing and improving teaching and learning.

Cost is free for NKY member districts.

Be sure to check out our next Instructional Rounds training:

December 10th, 2015, 8:30am-3:30pm at Gateway Community and Technical College Convening Center

December 11th, 2015, 8:30am-3:30pm at Lindeman Elementary School

To register click Instructional Rounds Training

Commissioner Dr. Stephen Pruitt visits NKCES!

Thank you to Dr. Pruitt, Commissioner of Education, who visited NKCES to share his vision with NKY Superintendents.


Now Hiring at NKCES!

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Grant funding received to help middle schools close gaps

KDE has awarded funding that will make it possible for NKCES to hire a School Academic Liaison. This person will work with staff to improve and integrate RTI processes at RA Jones Middle School (Boone County), Tichenor Middle School (Erlanger-Elsmere Independent), Ludlow High School middle school grades 7 and 8 (Ludlow Independent), and Sharp Middle School (Pendleton County).

We expect all schools to benefit as trainings and experiences are shared regionally online and in person through the co-op. Expected outcomes include 1) reducing gaps between all students and students with disabilities and 2) reducing the percentage of students with novice scores in reading and mathematics.