Arts Integration

Joe Bertucci
Arts Integration

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The Northern Kentucky Institute for Arts Education is a regional initiative to support and integrate the arts in our schools.

Available through the NKCES Grants Consortium, NKIAE offers a complete program of professional learning and support for arts educators and teachers of other content areas.

Beginning each year with a summer workshop, NKIAE brings teachers together to collaborate, across the curriculum and with community arts providers, on the design and implementation of arts-integrated lessons. Together we support critical thinking and creativity in our classrooms.

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Joe Bertucci received his Bachelor's Degree from Xavier University and his Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Kentucky University. Mr. Bertucci taught and directed an accomplished high school theatre program for 18 years, and served as Chair of the Fine Arts Department and SBDM Council Member. He is committed to supporting and promoting the inherent value of arts education for all students.

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