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Support Guide for using Manipulatives on the Kentucky Summative Assessment 

NKCES evidenced-based services include opportunities in Conceptual Building Blocks, Number Talks, Co-Teaching, Explicit Instruction, the Math Kentucky Academic Standards (M- KAS), and more!


Check out the NEW link to Graham Fletcher: Fractions 3 Part Videos & Resources.     --------------->



For Special Education Teachers & General Education Teachers

Learn together with your team in a PLC or in the comfort of your home!

  3 New Self Paced Math Modules:


"With Stress in Schools Increasing, Simple Strategies to Stay Calm"


Strategies to support students with disabilities in Math - Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)



Real Math Classroom Lesson Videos for learning and teaching



Progress Monitoring Module II from NCII

Progress Monitoring - Math lens

Check out Dr. Sarah Powell's Module 2  as she shares her expertise and resources to systematically gather data and progress monitor students working on math goals.



NTI Student Learning Resources


Online Professional Development-Free


Virtual Math Manipulatives

Click on the images below to download the pages to your computer.  Once you have them downloaded, click on any of the manipulative icons to access the virtual manipulatives.  You may also copy any of the icons to add to your lessons.

virtual manipulative classrooms

Preschool Virtual Classroom Math Manipulatives

(Make Your Own Copy HERE)


               Primary Virtual  Classroom Math Manipulatives

               (Make Your Own Copy HERE)


                                                   Intermediate Virtual  Classroom Math Manipulatives

                                                   (Make Your Own Copy HERE)


                                                                                        Middle/High Virtual Classroom Math Manipulatives

                                                                                        (Make Your Own Copy HERE)



math library

Virtual Math Library to access recorded books from the Northern KY Cooperative for Educational Services. Select a book from the shelf to share with your math students.

Make your own copy .


PDF versions (below) for to support all users:

     For Elementary Teachers, Students & Parents        

                    Virtual Math Manipulatives for Elementary Students

         For MS & HS Teachers, Students, & Parents        

                     Virtual Math Manipulatives For MS & HS Students


Conceptual Building Blocks (CBB) 

(contact me if you would like more information about online, self-paced CBB modules)


(CBB) for Elementary School Mathematics 2 Day Modules:

  • Addition & Subtraction Module

  • Multiplication & Division Module

  • Geometry Module (1 Day only)

  • Fractions Module 

  • Fractions online, self-paced module  with FREE Downloadable Resources just for you!  

    • Day 2 Fraction online, self-paced module (Beyond Pizza's and Pies resource required)



Middle School/High School 

(CBB) for Middle School Mathematics 2 Day Modules:




K - 12

Number Talks

For Digital Resources to implement Number Talks virtually, please contact me @ 

Please email me @ if you are interested in Professional Learning opportunities within your school PLC’s for building number sense and fluency with Dr. Sherry Parish's  Number Talks for K - 5  


Dr. Ruth Parker and Dr. Cathy Humphrey's Making Number Talks Matter for grades 4 - 10.




Macro Planning using the B.A.S.E. model

Co-teaching Models: Station Teaching, Parallel Teaching, Alternative Teaching, and Team Teaching

Roles and Responsibilities of Special Education Teacher and General Education Teacher

Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)

IEP Goals at a Glance 


Explicit Instruction Trainer

(Dr. Anita Archer's work)




Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS)

NEW Evidenced Based Instructional Practices (EBIP's) 

#1 Mathematics - Establishing the Learning Environment and the Kentucky Academic Standards for Mathematics

What are planning considerations for the successful implementation of the Evidenced-Based Instructional Practice #1: Establishing the Learning Environment to ensure that all students have equitable access and opportunity to learn the standards contained in the KAS for Mathematics? 

  • Feedback
  • Self-efficacy and mindset
  • Welcome errors as opportunities
  • Promoting a sense of belonging
  • Routinely as questions that encourage student to reflect on barriers
  • Communicate that students' thinking is valued





     #2 Mathematics - Clarifying and Sharing Clear Learning Goals and the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Mathematics  


#3 Mathematics - Explicit Teaching and Modeling and the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Mathematics


Mathematics Standards (Interactive PDF)

KAS Math Resources



Additional Resources