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NTI Student Learning Resources 





Conceptual Building Blocks (CBB) 


(CBB) for Elementary School Mathematics 2 Day Modules:

  • Addition & Subtraction Module

  • Multiplication & Division Module

  • Geometry Module (1 Day only)

  • Fractions Module



Middle School/High School 

(CBB) for Middle School Mathematics 2 Day Modules:

  • Algebraic Thinking Module

  • Ratio & Proportionality Module

  • Statistics Module (1 Day only)

  • Geometry Module




K - 12

Number Talks

Please email me at if you are interested in Professional Learning opportunities within your school PLC’s for building number sense and fluency with Dr. Sherry Perish's  Number Talks for K - 5  


Dr. Ruth Parker and Dr. Cathy Humphrey's Making Number Talks Matter for grades 4 - 10.




Explicit Instruction - Resources from the National Center on Intensive Intervention

Co-Teaching in 30 Days 



Newly Revised Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS)

Mathematics Standards (Interactive PDF)

KAS Math Resources



Additional Resources


Achieve the Core - Assessments

Achieve the Core - Coherence Map

Explicit Instruction in Math

(FAL) Formative Assessment Lessons for grades 6-HS.    

Graham Fletcher's Progression videos

Greg Tang 

Illustrative Mathematics  This site contains lessons & tasks that are sorted by grade level, course level, and/or standards.

Interleaved Math Practice - a set of problems missed in a certain way utilizing retrieval practice.

KCM  Kentucky Center for Mathematics  Resources for teachers and Instructional Coaches- some files are password protect for member attending training sessions

The Kentucky Teacher

Manipulative Checklist All Grade Levels

ONLINE KPREP Demonstration -KDE link

Parent and Family Resources Math Games and Activities smiley

Strategy Cards K20