Northern Kentucky Institute for Arts Education will bring teachers together to collaborate, across the
curriculum and with community arts providers, on the design and implementation of arts-integrated lessons.

The research is clear: integrating the arts with other subject areas results in engaging, dynamic lessons that reach
and challenge all students.

Successful arts integration begins with professional development, bringing teachers of the arts and teachers of
other content areas together to collaborate.

With the launch of the Northern Kentucky Institute for Arts Education, that collaboration begins for 120 teachers
in our region.


Funded by a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, NKIAE will provide professional
development, and a comprehensive system of support, to guide educators in arts integration and encourage
interdisciplinary leaders in Northern Kentucky schools.

“Teachers of arts and other disciplines will work together each year to develop units that combine content from
the arts and other subject areas, creating lessons that meet the needs of students, validate the arts, and build
high-order thinking skills in our classrooms,” said Joe Bertucci, Project Manager for NKIAE.

This new collaborative effort will be managed by the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services’
Grants Consortium, working together with the Ludlow Independent School District, to implement the project.
Significant support will also come from community arts partners, including: The Carnegie, Greater Cincinnati
Alliance for Arts Education, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati
Arts Association, NKU School of the Arts, and the Contemporary Arts Center.

Reaching students in need, the Federal program is extended to teachers at schools with 50% or more students
who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Additional school district partners may come from Bellevue Independent
Schools, Boone County Schools, Bracken County Schools, Covington Independent Public Schools, Dayton
Independent Schools, Erlanger-Elsmere Schools, Newport Independent Schools, Pendleton County Schools,
Silver Grove Independent Schools, Southgate Independent Schools, and Williamstown Independent Schools.

For more information, contact:
Joe Bertucci, Arts Integration Manager
Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services
Joe Bertucci, Arts Integration Manager
Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services